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Is it possible to win money on esports betting?

We are already used to the fact that before every important football match, you can hear a large number of offers to bet on one of the teams, and get paid just for being a little bit of a football expert. Today, a new player appears in the arena, who quickly breaks records in the number of people who actively follow him. As well as the amount of the prize fund for the teams of participants who took the prize places. Cybersport is the name of this player.

Cybersport is rapidly gaining momentum in the CIS countries. On the territory of many countries game disciplines are equated with sports. That’s why betting has not get past the gaming industry. There are already many betting companies and organizations, which take bets on cyber sports game. Players can get real money if they correctly predict the outcome of a particular match or an entire tournament.

Platform for betting in cybersport Streambet is your reliable partner.

When it comes to betting on cybersports, you can hardly find a more suitable bookmaking company than Streambet. It is a special cybersports platform designed on the basis the gaming industry. Every element of the platform says it was created directly for gamers. Also for people who are actively monitoring the professional ersports arena. Now a lot of people may be asking the logical question: Why is it better to pay attention at Streambet when choosing a betting platform? First of all, Streambet gives players the opportunity to bet not only on the outcome of popular and world events, but also on less important matches. Besides, macro event system is available, such as «first blood». It is the team reaching a certain number of points or killing players. If you add to this simple interface, fast processing of bets and payments, regularly updating the gaming disciplines and the types of events you can bet on and you’ll get a platform like Streambet.

Privacy policy and user agreement.

For many users may be misunderstanding moments in the process of register and processing bets. Especially for this the Streambet website contains all the necessary information, describing the main points and key nuances of cooperation between players and the platform. In most cases, players do not pay attention to this, causing may lead to misunderstandings and disagreements. For this reason, before registering on the site, we strongly recommend you to look about the key points and make sure that these conditions are right for you. The main points of the privacy policy are activated when you leave personal data in the registry application, after you click the «register».

Top 5 popular gaming disciplines and bets on the platform.

  • Streambet is a special betting platform for cybersport and it is not surprising that players have access to popular gaming disciplines. Among them, the most often bets are made on events in the following games:
  • Dota2 is one of the leaders of the gaming industry, where the prizes of the main tournament are calculated in millions.
  • CS:GO. This game discipline is not so far behind the previous game in terms of the number of bets, but it is significantly lower in the amount of the prize fund in the main tournament.
  • League of Legends. The original analogue Dota2 that has its own condition for creation a completely different list of heroes, and a huge audience all over the world. World of Tanks is a popular tank simulator in the CIS countries, where various tournaments and competitions between professional teams are often held.
  • APEX: Legends. An exciting multiplayer shooter, in which to win, you have to be as focused as possible and have a good reaction.

The path of a beginner bettor from start to finish.

As for the bets that players can make, there are several types of bets available on the platform, and you’ll decide which one is better to you. The bets can be either classic, such as a prediction the outcome of a match and the victory of a team, or special. Special bets refer directly to a certain game discipline and may not be available in one of the game disciplines.

Well, you’re determined it’s time not only to enjoy the games of your favorite esports teams, but also to try to make money on it. It must be understood that only those who have reached the age of 18 can place bets. Then you will need to register on the Streambet website and fill in all the required fields. Players will need a passport to register, otherwise you will not be able to pass the verification process. Do not forget that before registration you must read the condition of the cooperation. The next step is to refill the balance of the game account. Payment systems Visa, Mastercard, QIWI and online banking service Privat24 will help you. Who makes the first deposit of more than 5,000 rubles, the platform has prepared a gift. Players can use «risk-free bet» and not be afraid to make a big bet. As soon as the account is replenished, you can start to process the bets and observe the results of the matches.

What about the «mirror»?

A lot of questions arise from users when they hear about «mirror platform». More often, such thoughts comes from people who don’t know much about it. Streambet mirror is a backup site that is necessary to avoid problems associated with resource locks or technical problems. Thanks to this, all important information and personal data are protected from damage. Users can at any moment use the «mirror» to make a bet, even if the main site is currently in a non-working state.